Domingo "JR" Colina
A former janitor for 15 years at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH)
Turns to Millionaire in just to 2 years doing his business. What his secrets?
What his business? Let's find out what's the secret behind this man towards his success...
A Janitor... No More... Reveals The Secrets....

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Rated K
Hosted by: Ms. Korina Sanchez
Featuring: Domingo "JR" Colina


Kabuhayang Swak na Swak
Hosted by: Ms. Amy Perez
Featuring: Domingo "JR" Colina


" GOD have a purpose why all things happened,
If GOD shut one door, He open another "

                                     Domingo "JR" Colina
                                                 " Naibangon ko na po! ang Dignidad ko Bilang Tao"
                                                              Dreams for his Family Come True
                                  A former janitor for 15 years at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Turns to Millionaire 
                     in just 2 years doing his business First Vita Plus. Back then Domingo "JR" Colina was came from
                     a poor family, after he graduated high school he want to pursue his studies in college because of
                     his dreams for his family. Finished studies, get a better job is the only way he can see to help his
                     family from poverty. He told to his father about his planned but his father refused because of their
                     financial problem, but JR pursue his dreams all by himself. He studied at the Far Eastern University
                     while working as a janitor at the Philippine General Hospital. A lot of challenges & sacrifices  happened
                     before he finished his college. After he graduated he took a civil examination but he wonder why   all
                     his exams are failed, that's why he can't promote from his position as a janitor.
In year 2004 the light of day was dimmed to JR when their rented apartment turn to dust but
                     even it happened his dreams was not turn to dust. Year 2005 of January JR decided he had to say
                     goodbye in his community, his family at the PGH. Because in long period of time nothing happened.
                                    Domingo "JR" Colina start a business using their saving seven thousand pesos (7,000 Pesos)
                     He become a dealer of First Vita Plus product. In 2 years doing his business he bought his dream
                     House and Lot
for his family (October 8, 2007), A brand new Toyota Fortuner (October 18,2007)
                     and a brand new Ford Focus (July 8, 2008). He a acquired all of these through his hardwork and
                     sacrifices as First Vita Plus dealer.  A Janitor... No More...

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